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ATI Introduces Mirroflex Custom Tooling

Jun 2, 2014

After years of creating custom branded products by special request, ATI Decorative Laminates formally announces its MirroFlex Custom Tooling program.

“We’ve had great success with custom laminate tooling,” says ATI President Tara Burgio. “For nearly 25 years, we’ve been designing patterns and creating tools for customers, and we want to make that option more widely available.”

MirroFlex, one of ATI’s most enduring products, is a decorative thermoplastic panel created in three-dimensions through a proprietary process. Because it is thermoformed, it has deeply textured patterns that offer a great alternative to paint and other wall coverings. It can mimic wood grain, patinas and metal at a fraction of the cost.

The Custom Tooling program takes the product a step further and allows customers to create branded solutions that incorporate one-of-a-kind designs and logos into the material. The process yields a functional, durable and affordable branding product for walls and ceilings. “We have created lettering and other design elements for customers,” says Vern Combrink, vice president of sales, “but quite honestly, almost anything is possible.”

In the last year, ATI has created custom branding elements for clients including Miller Electric, and national fitness center and restaurant chains.

Beyond the customization, the beauty of working with MirroFlex Custom Tooling is ease and affordability.

Simple Process

Creating a custom tool for clients is a four-step process, which ATI has down to a science. It begins with a consultation and initial technical review, in which the client describes what they want to achieve and ATI offers feedback on the viability of the project. In the design phase, a CAD is created and any necessary technical tweaks are made to facilitate production of the design. The sample creation phase allows customers to review an actual run of the product before the final phase of full panel production.


One of the most remarkable aspects of the MirroFlex Custom Tooling program is its affordability. The word custom is most often equated with extra expense, but because ATI offers all the custom tooling services in house, they have better control of resources.

“We manage everything from design and CAD drawings to CNC routing and production,” says Combrink. “This process stays with ATI from start to finish, so we can absorb any additional costs that otherwise might be a service charge.”

Standard pricing for making the tool runs from $700 to $1,750, before actual production runs.

Click here to see the MirroFlex Custom Tooling video:

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