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An Entrepreneur at the Heart of the Matter

Nov 22, 2013

What draws the inventive and creative entrepreneur to a product? For some it is the profitability margin, others the challenge, and then there are the few that believe in the spirit of the product and its’ potential impact on humanity as a whole. American Tubs’ Senior Business Consultant developed his passion for creating reasonably priced and high quality walk-in tubs because of his strong belief in the potential benefit they posed for the elderly and disabled. He had a vision and desire to bring these walk-in tubs to a wider market that desperately needed them.


In 2002 a friend showed our designing engineer a picture of a British made bathtub at a hugely inflated price. Immediately he saw that this product could enhance the quality of life for the consumer. The cognitive wheels started moving rapidly and before he knew it, he, became engrossed with creating a product that did not have to exist solely in upper-class homes but can be made accessible for people in various income levels. He believes that walk-in tubs are a necessity rather than a luxury.


Over the course of ten years our designing engineer began to design walk-in tubs and products, including but not excluded to faucets, handles, doors, and drains. The main focus of his designs was to stay closely relative to the market’s needs, not only in quality but in the ergonomic blueprint as well. For example, the wheelchair inspired model creates ease of entry and exit for the consumer, whereas the premium faucet is equipped with a safety lock to prevent the thermostat from being raised over a certain temperature to prevent burn injuries. Sometimes people with ailments do not have full feeling in their epidermis so will put the water at a higher temperature than they should. American Tubs thinks of everything!


Incorporating his values and ideals into American Tubs, the company was a fluid shift. His expertise in the product as well as making a complete line of tubs to suit various needs for its’ users, including a Bariatric design, for people that may need a larger tub, sets American Tubs apart from the competition. Manufactured on site with a large inventory meets all the requirements for a timely and efficient delivery.


Not only is the walk-in tubs carefully inspected to meet ADA standards, the tubs are rigorously checked for imperfections. Installations are another key element to the process that American Tubs have thought of to provide the best customer service possible. Most of the models are installation and user friendly with easy, one-hand adjustable levering feet. The hydro-massage jet systems are designed for comfort bathing and deck-mount grab bar for easy and safe access.


For American Tubs’ Senior Consultant, the future of walk-in tubs is limitless. He believes the market will change to expand into the lives of regular families of all ages and levels of health. Homes will open their bathroom doors to a more conventional looking model that will raise the quality of life through therapeutic bathing.