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NuvoH2O Exhibiting at 2014 NAHB International Builders’ Show

Feb 6, 2014

NuvoH2O (, a provider of next-generation water protection that uses all-natural citrus to provide a salt free water softening solution is exhibiting and demoing its water softener at the 2014 NAHB International Builders’ Show (IBS) in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 4-6, 2014.


NuvoH2O is located in booth C8102 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.


NuvoH2O’s salt free water softener is a compact, easy to install, cost effective system that prevents, protects and saves appliances, plumbing and fixtures from damaging and costly effects of scale build-up.

“Our water softeners meet the needs of our customers in search of a cost effective water softening solution, and plumbers and installers that are eager to take on and install new products,” said Scott Wilson, President of NuvoH2O. “Our system eliminates hard water stains on dishes, fixtures, shower doors, and provides better soap and shampoo lather, extends the life of appliances and produces energy savings in water heaters and eliminates wasted water.”

The market for water softeners is significant. About 80 percent of consumers don’t use a water softener of any kind. NuvoH20’s softening system features include:


• A citrus solution to soften water, instead of salt.

• Maintains healthy essential minerals found in water. It doesn’t remove minerals, so, in reality it is healthier than traditional salt softeners.

• A cartridge system that is compact and easy to install. It requires no separate drain, electricity, soft water loop, brine tank or calibration.

• Eliminates the need to haul bags of salt and simply requires a citrus cartridge to be changed twice a year.

• Measureable results. NuvoH2O can measure PH and can actually show numbers and provide data to show the PH advantage from using its water conditioning system.

• Cost effective. On average 50 – 80 percent less than traditional salt water softener systems.


Typically a water softening system is an aftermarket purchase for people building a home. In fact, less than five percent of builders add a water softener in a new home. Homebuilders prefer to spend their money on cosmetic items such as carpet, paint, counter tops and other items that are more aesthetically pleasing. A water softener is typically purchased for two main reasons: First, to eliminate hard water stains on dishes and second, to eliminate clogging in showerheads and faucets.


While water softeners are typically viewed as an added luxury, NuvoH2O customers quickly find the product pays for itself by protecting appliances and plumbing, and minimizing hard water spotting on dishes, fixtures and shower doors.


For more information about NuvoH2O visit


About NuvoH2O:

NuvoH20 is the next generation of pioneering, ecological water protection that uses citrus to provide a salt-free water softening solution for hard water. It’s a compact, easy to install, cost efficient system that prevents, protects and saves appliances, plumbing and fixtures from damaging and costly effects of scale build-up. For more information visit