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2015 Design Trends and Innovations From Liebherr

Jul 31, 2015

Q: What does Liebherr specialize in?
Liebherr is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium refrigeration. We specialize in performance and efficiency as well as keeping fresh food fresher longer – helping you to eat healthy, waste less and save money. Our superior products offer premium quality, cutting edge design and innovative features that fit with your busy lifestyle.
High quality materials, perfectly detailed finishes and elite cooling components combine with the latest production processes for an outstanding product.

Liebherr has a full line of premium refrigerators to fit any design vision you have for your kitchen. Our freestanding stainless models are sleek centerpieces that make a definite statement. Our built-in models are perfect for designs that call for units that slide into cabinet surrounds. And our fully integrated models become one with your kitchen design, hidden seamlessly behind your custom cabinetry.

Q: What are the major trends in appliances for 2015? Have trends changed significantly this year?
Continuing into 2015 is the evolution of the kitchen as the hub of the home and a treasured space. With that in mind, kitchens are being designed for the whole family to enjoy and homeowners want a look that reflects their lifestyle. The
current trend of fully customized kitchens that incorporate clean, crisp, simple lines, neutral colors and smart storage options, is becoming extremely popular in home renovations. Designs that marry modern and traditional elements will be one of the most influential trends this year. As appliance manufactures, it is important to provide consumers with model options that require less maintenance and cleaning and will flawlessly fit within their kitchen’s personalized design. New technology and techniques make refrigerators virtually invisible — a big leap forward in built-in refrigeration. Cabinetry panels discreetly hide these appliances, allowing the room’s unique style to take center stage.

Q: What are consumers looking for in refrigeration for their custom kitchen?
Homeowners are more and more engaged with the designing and living in their kitchens. They want different elements of the kitchen to be celebrated as beautiful pieces of furniture, bringing their own personal touches to their spaces.
Liebherr is recognized for timeless elegance and design and our sleek European fully integrated models are a perfect fit for any custom kitchen environment, accommodating unique and creative approaches to design as well as the
individual needs of the homeowner. In the past, home design was driven by practicality, but now homeowners want function and design to align – and it starts in the kitchen. New home buyers in their 20s and 30s want less ornamentation, items that are easy to clean, and environmentally friendly. Executing creative kitchen designs is made easier with Liebherr’s energy efficient products, many of which are engineered to accommodate a variety of flexible design and seamless installation situations.

Q: What kinds of features are most in demand in appliances?
Liebherr appliances boast a compelling array of innovative ideas. Variable speed compressors, DuoCooling, SuperCool, SuperFrost, and BioFresh are just some examples of ongoing substantial progress with one goal in mind: Better Food

The door on door technology is a key feature of Liebherr’s fully integrated product line where the custom panel is affixed directly onto the appliance door and allowsfor the cabinet and the fridge door to open as one. This technology provides
better design options and easy installation.

Q: What unique options are consumers looking for?
Kitchens are being designed to meet the needs of the consumer and the home and they want something they won’t see in other kitchens. A greater focus on health and well being is one lifestyle trend carrying over into home appliance
selection. For example, consumers are looking for refrigerators that incorporate long-term food storage features. Consumers recognize that proper food storage can help preserve food quality, including nutrients, flavor and texture.
Additionally, homeowners can make the most of their food dollar by preventing spoilage and save time spent at the grocery store. Liebherr acknowledges the importance of fresh food storage and therefore offers features designed for
maximized food preservation. Liebherr’s patented BioFresh drawers provide the ultimate technology for all health-conscious food lovers. Stored at the ideal temperature and humidity, food in the BioFresh compartments retain their healthy vitamins, aroma and fresh appearance up to three times longer than in traditional refrigerators.

Q: Do convenience and efficiency have an impact on appliance trends? If yes, how so?
Homeowners want convenience along with more cost-effective, efficient products that use less water and energy in their design. We are seeing that interest in green design continues to be a top design trend. With the increase in social and
environmental consciousness, many consumers are looking for ways to reduce their impact on the environment. The rapid growth and widespread support for this green movement will have a major impact on manufacturers, utility
companies and the environment. A certification mark on your appliance ensures customers that they are getting a high level of performance, safety and efficiency.

Certification and approval marks guarantee your product’s safety to your channel of distribution (retailers, wholesalers, etc.) and maximize your product’s potential and access to the global market.

Q: What are German Appliances best known for?
Liebherr has a heritage of sophisticated product design and precision engineering both inside and out- our brand is renowned for ultimate luxury, modern design as well as quality. Efficient interior designed to hold more food and offer more storage flexibility. Plus high-end performance details make everything easy to see, access and clean. We have also raised the standard for silent operation and efficiency. In demand today is both practicality as well as contemporary design and Liebherr models balance both ‘must haves’ beautifully.

Today’s kitchen is high tech, with a focus on pleasurable cooking experience and superior quality of life. Also of importance is simplicity and personalization within kitchen environment, which is the hub of the home. By combining a wide selection of models, functions and features, Liebherr has integrated style, function and technology to compliment unique kitchen environments that are designed to reflect the lifestyle and personality of the homeowner.

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Julie Martin
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