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Qanto – the way up

Jan 30, 2024

Do cabinets always have to open horizontally? No, why not letting the cabinet interior to come out vertically so that it can be reached easier and more ergonomically.

“Qanto” is an entire cabinet consisting of a linear-lifting with multiple shelves. It is designed for kitchen corners, units and sideboards as well as separately standing cabinet in the living or bedroom.

The Qanto product design reflects a modern, urban style that combines modernity with simplicity, freedom, sustainability and the joy of discovery. The Qanto is the only corner cabinet that makes full use of the storage available in the corner. Through either one tray for big kitchen appliances or through multiple trays to organize liquids or spices, the Qanto allows the user to reach the stowage easily and ergonomically. Equipped with a socket, the Qanto allows to even operate all kitchen devices without moving them from the selected tray.

The Qanto has an award-winning design with a pleasant internal lighting and a stunning crystal-glass effect on the rim of each tray. The Qanto is produced and assembled in Germany and fulfills CUL certification.
ninka offers different colors and features so that the Qanto seamlessly fits to every kitchen or living space and allows for the required personalization in premium environments.
The vertical movement is a wow-effect that catches the eye of every guest in a private kitchen and of every customer in a kitchen showroom. There is no doubt that consumers seek personalization and uniqueness. That’s why a Qanto is always a special highlight in any individual kitchen!

Upgrade your kitchen and give it a ‘wow’ effect! Qanto is showing the way up.

Qanto is available for the North American market through our distribution partner Richelieu!

For further details on Qanto and other innovative products such as drawer inserts & fronts, waste management, corner cabinets, and utility room solutions, please visit us at booth N362E at the KBIS show! Additionally, Richelieu will be at booth N3117.