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Feb 3, 2021

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DANIA BEACH, FL (February 9, 2021) – Plum, the innovative brand behind the fully-automated wine-by-the-glass solution, is returning to KBIS for their second year, following a successful first show, receiving the Best of KBIS 2020 award. This year, the brand will present their latest product offerings – Plum Integrated – a design solution that seamlessly integrates the technologically-advanced appliance into any space. In addition, the brand will use KBIS 2021 as the ideal opportunity to introduce the Plum Wine Heroes Design Council and launch Plum Pro Rewards, a trade-specific incentive program directed to the architect and interior design world.

The freestanding Plum countertop unit was received with wide acclaim at KBIS 2020 and won several awards including Best of KBIS, DesignBites, Connected Design’s 2020 award, and was a finalist for the GIA Awards. Now available at hundreds of showrooms across North America, Plum is the first lifestyle appliance to automatically preserve, chill, and serve any bottle by the glass. Using state-of-the-art technology, Plum preserves wine for 90 days at the exact temperature the winemaker intended. “Plum was designed to look beyond just wine storage and consumption,” says Andreas Hansen, Global President, Plum. “Instead, it captures the fine art of wine tasting in every glass. Plum automatically identifies the vintage, varietal, region and winery of each bottle displaying the label on the unit’s touchscreen, creating a virtual tasting room – with a virtual Sommelier – in the comfort of your own home.”


As part of the brand’s offerings at KBIS 2021, Plum will introduce Plum Integrated, luxury-inspired integration options designed to wrap the lifestyle appliance, allowing it to become part of the overall design. As the world adjusts to a pandemic-driven life, at-home entertainment solutions are at the forefront of design discussion. These new integration kits will allow the Plum to seamlessly fit into any space in the home (living room, media room, wine room/bar, etc.) – demonstrating that wine preparation and pouring is no longer something that solely happens in the kitchen.

Product and material selections are often the first points of discussion for designers and architects working with homeowners, even prior to appliance selection. Outreach directly to trade experts about the new integration solution will allow luxury-driven lifestyle options – like Plum – to be incorporated into the design concept in the specification and sales process.

“The shift in how North Americans use their home and the space available to them has been significant since the start of the pandemic. Our homes have become our movie theaters, restaurants, even our favorite cocktail lounges or wine bars. We can’t go out to enjoy these pleasures in life right now, so why not create a space that integrates them right into the home?” continues Hansen. “We recognize the need to arm designers and architects with options that will accommodate the changes necessary in this new ‘home life’ from the get-go. Unique features in a finished space should be considered from conception. By introducing Plum Integrated, we will ensure those behind the design have the resources they need to fit Plum into any new build or renovation.”


Continuing the focus to reinforce the connection between the art of wine and the art of design, Plum will introduce the inaugural members of the Plum Wine Heroes Design Council – a targeted selection of industry experts selected to provide insight and learnings on the changing space of at-home entertainment and how the art of fine wine is becoming a factor in future design spaces.

Members of the brand’s new council will include design experts from across North America who will come together to discuss the importance of integrated home design and how brands like Plum are recognizing the need to design spaces with both form and function. Council members will promote Plum products and share ways for product integration into design concepts.

The launch of Plum’s Wine Heroes Design Council and the inaugural council members will be introduced during an exclusive invite-only virtual evening reception and wine tasting on Wednesday, February 17th at 7:00 pm EST. Media interested in attending the event and participating in the Sommelier-led wine tasting are to contact Marnie Ivanich at for registration and details.


KBIS 2021 will also see the introduction of Plum’s incentive program – Plum Pro Rewards – intended specifically for architects and interior designers, encouraging them to include Plum as part of their larger design projects. The incentive program will kick off at KBIS with the introduction of the brand’s Wine Heroes Design Council members moving into a broader-reaching rewards program throughout 2021 and beyond.

“Architects and designers can differentiate their projects from the rest by offering their clients something truly unique that has hardly been specified before,” continues Hansen. “As we spend more time than ever in our own homes, Plum will become a must-have luxury lifestyle addition for any and every space.”

Details of the program will be discussed during the launch of the Plum Wine Heroes Design Council event on February 10th.


Leveraging the virtual format of KBIS 2021, Plum’s booth will provide visitors access to a number of brand offerings including:
• Informative video demonstrations, including a virtual guided tour of the Plum lifestyle appliance by President, Andreas Hansen
• Video of Plum Integrated
• Downloadable product specs, information, and image gallery
• Virtual access to brand representatives for questions or larger discussions
• Unique brand-driven promotions and announcements

About the Plum
Plum is transforming how consumers and hotel guests enjoy wine from the bottle to by-the-glass. Launched in 2017, the company was created with a single goal of changing the way wine is served to match the way people live. Plum was awarded the 2020 Best of KBIS Gold medal, DesignBites Biggest Bite, and Hotel Technology’s HTExpo TechPitch. Plum is headquartered in Dania Beach, Florida, with offices in Palo Alto, California. For love of wine™.


Media Contact:
For more information, please contact Marnie Ivanich at Flying Camel
Tel: 647-296-9296