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Online Tool Allows Consumers to Design Custom Drawer Organizers

Jan 6, 2016 launches.  Is there finally a solution for custom drawer organization?  Americans spend $285,000,000 on drawer organizers every year and most of these drop-in products have not solved the problem.  A new online business located in Parker, CO has the answer.

Off-the-shelf products rarely fit drawers perfectly. Many are clumsy and waste valuable drawer space.  Often, a consumer will cobble together a makeshift solution with more than one organizer. Existing custom solutions are very expensive. has developed a design tool and manufacturing process that produces drawer organizers that fit perfectly and can be built quickly!  Consumers create the tray size and compartments online and builds exactly what they designed. Problem solved! worked for over a year with an award-winning software developer in Denver, newmedia, to create an intuitive, user-friendly design tool that’s both fun and easy to use.  “Our website on the front-end gives the consumer access to the latest laser technology on the back-end,” according to CEO Wayne Qualkinbush.   “The end-result is a custom organizer that fits your drawer exactly.  There is definitely an ‘Aha’ moment when you receive and set up your first organizer!”

According to Steve Morris, newmedia’s Director, “We developed the drawer organizer tool with the same technology used in video game and app design, to create something that customers will want to engage with.  The lightweight code ensures that it loads and runs quickly on all devices, so that even non-technical users can have a positive experience.”

The organizers are made of 1/8″ clear acrylic that is laser-cut to the exact specifications of the customer’s design.  Each organizer includes a bottom and sides, so they may also be placed on a shelf or countertop.  The organizers are hand assembled and glued using finger joinery and strong, crystal clear adhesive. The organizers are typically built and prepared for shipment in about an hour.   They arrive on your doorstep fully assembled.

24% of U.S. households purchase drawer organizers each year, according to a Riedel Marketing Group Online Survey. is not limited to homeowners, however.   Current customers also include apartment tenants, CEOs, medical practices, venture capitalists, veterinary clinics, home builders, professional organizers, landlords, home stagers, nurses, and college students. will exhibit at the 2016 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas and at the Denver Home Show, March 18-20, 2016 to demonstrate their innovative product. was invented by a husband and wife team in Parker, CO. Wayne is a retired Marine officer, combat veteran and an engineer. Andrea worked in marketing for 19 years and was a small business owner.  Wayne could often be found in his home office, tinkering with one invention or another.  One day, Andrea asked him to make her drawer organizers for the kitchen that ACTUALLY FIT using a laser machine. Wayne did, and when they put the organizers in the drawers, they knew they were on to something.  The organizers fit perfectly and held their items just the way they wanted.  That day, was born and now they are actively pursuing patent protection for their product and processes. is currently operating in a manufacturing facility on Wayne and Andrea’s 42 acre hobby farm and is planning on expanding into a larger industrial location in Denver, CO this spring!


Media Contact:
Andrea Qualkinbush, Chief Marketing Officer
(720) 545-2429

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