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Oasense’s Exhibition at KBIS 2023 Presents the Exclusive Matte Black Reva

Jan 11, 2023

Award-winning startup Oasense is displaying its revolutionary Reva showerhead at the KBIS 2023 taking place from January 31 to February 2. Get an exclusive look at the Reva showerhead in a new color, Matte Black, which will be on display in Oasense’s booth.

Oasense is a technology startup offering smart showerheads. Motivated by California drought conditions, the founders of Oasense wanted to raise the expectations of water-saving showers. So, they pioneered a twist to the standard eco-showers that achieve sustainability at the cost of user experience. They wanted to preserve what people love the most about their shower: full pressure high flow rate rinsing, enjoyable water temperature and ease of use, while also saving 50% of the water normally used in a typical shower. Oasense CEO, Chih-Wei Tang says: “When we set out to create Reva a few years back, our thought was that showering had been neglected for way too long. ​​That’s why we set out to establish a new way to shower, one that used technology to prioritize the shower experience, but also pioneered an elegant solution for water saving.”

One exciting debut that will be happening at KBIS is the reveal of the latest Oasense Reva showerhead in stunning matte black. This bold new finish was decided upon after carrying out in-depth customer research and seeking to provide a bathroom aesthetic that reflects modern tastes. Reva in Matte Black aims to redefine eco-shower excellence by combining the most popular current trends with cutting edge water saving technology. Head on over to the Oasense booth to learn more about their groundbreaking shower technology and see their exceptional shower craftsmanship firsthand.

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About Oasense
Oasense is a technology startup based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our goal is to design human-centric solutions that encourage enjoyable and sustainable experiences for our users. We believe that we can elevate the sustainable lifestyle to be more intuitive, elegant, and simple so that more people will join forces in contributing towards more positive environmental change.

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