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Native Trails Debuts NativeStone™ Concrete Sinks at KBIS 2014 in Las Vegas

Feb 6, 2014

Native Trails, a leader in sustainable recycled copper sinks, as well as kitchen and bath furniture and home decor, is proud to introduce NativeStone™ concrete sinks. Constructed using an innovative mixture of jute fiber and cement, Native Trails’ NativeStone™ sinks weigh approximately 40 percent less than sinks made using standard concrete. This exciting new collection of contemporary artisan sinks will be unveiled at KBIS 2014 in Las Vegas February 4-6, 2014.

The NativeStone™ collection includes kitchen, bar/prep and lavatory sinks – including a new addition of trough sinks for the bath. As with all of Native Trails’ products, NativeStone™ sinks incorporate sustainable, eco-conscious materials and artisan crafted methods. Each sink is handmade by artisans using a multi-stage process resulting in a beautiful, durable product for the kitchen or bath that is stain, scratch, and crack resistant.

“It’s been an exciting process to develop our NativeStone™ line with this new, innovative material,” said Naomi Neilson Howard, founder and CEO of Native Trails. “Our handmade, 100 percent recycled copper products put Native Trails on the map, and launching our new NativeStone™ sink collection is an exciting, natural progression – they are made by true artisans from natural, sustainable materials, and there is really nothing like this being done. When you see one of these contemporary styled sinks, one would never guess that eco-friendly jute fiber fills much of the space within their walls – making them lighter and stronger. And they are extremely resistant to staining – practically stain proof.”

NativeStone™ capitalizes on the inherent durability and resilience of jute, a vegetable fiber traditionally used for making rope, twine and heavy duty packaging. When mixed with cement, jute helps to produce an extraordinarily strong material with high tensile strength, while creating a dramatically lighter product. Furthermore, the jute used in each NativeStone™ sink is grown locally, near the artisans’ workshops – which ties in perfectly to Native Trails’ eco-friendly initiative to support local communities. Jute is a renewable resource, as it grows in tropical, wet climates and does not rely on fertilizer to grow. In addition, jute is also 100 percent biodegradable and recyclable.

The process of forming the NativeStone™ sinks is a multi-day, intensive undertaking. The artisans build their forms to Native Trails’ specifications and design, then hand fill the forms with an exclusive blend of raw materials and leave it to dry for 24 hours. Once taken out of the mold, the newly formed sink cures for 5 more days before the hand polishing phase and sealing process begins.

Each sink is sealed using a cutting edge nanosealer, which penetrates the concrete on a molecular level to create a protective, yet integrated barrier against stains and scratching. The sealer is hand applied in a multi-step process, creating an impenetrable coating that is scratch resistant and impervious to water, oils, acids and food. The final coat enhances the natural beauty of the concrete blend, while adding even more strength and durability.

NativeStone™ by Native Trails offers a modern yet earthy, expressive and versatile option for the kitchen and bath and is available in three sleek finishes: Ash, a light, natural gray with beautiful mottling that works perfectly in many designs; Slate, a rich, dark grey for a deep pop of color; and Pearl, a luminescent cream that can blend in or stand out depending on the color palette.

Here is a brief listing of the entire NativeStone™ collection, available in April 2014:

Bar/Prep Sinks
• Ventana – This 15” X 15” X 8” apron front prep sink proves it is hip to be square. Its substantial apron shows off the sleek lines and organic beauty of NativeStone™. Can also be installed as an undermount.
• Pozo – At 16” X 8”, this round prep sink makes a statement. Its drop-in installation creates a striking raised profile, showcasing the sleek texture and finish of NativeStone™.

Bath Sinks
• Morro – The perfect half-sphere of this vessel sink makes it a true stand-out for the bath; a beautiful, contemporary work of art in any of three finishes. Best of all, at 17” X 5”, its bowl is the perfect depth for washing up.
• Cuyama – At 21” X 15” X 5”, Cuyama may be a traditional oval bathroom sink size, but it is far from ordinary. Its beautiful raised profile and wide lip create a clean, contemporary look.
• Montecito – Modern and angular, this generously-sized raised profile rectangle lavatory sink measures 21.5” X 15.5” X 5.25”.

Trough Bath Sinks
• Trough 3619: Durable, substantial, and beautiful – an ideal combination for a sink that is naturally the focal point of a bathroom. Trough 3619 features a single drain and measures 32” X 12” X 4” on the interior, with an exterior size of 36” X 19” X 5”.
• Trough 4819: Perfect for sharing, Trough 4819 features two drains and measures 44” X 12” X 4” on the interior, with an exterior dimension of 48” X 19” X 5”.

Farmhouse Kitchen Sink
• Farmhouse 3018 – NativeStone™’s sleek glamour brings a fresh sense of durability and styling to this classic Farmhouse sink. Measures 30” X 18” X 10.25”.

About Native Trails Native Trails, a privately owned business based in San Luis Obispo, California, has produced high quality, artisan crafted kitchen and bath fixtures and home décor for over 16 years. Naomi Neilson Howard, Native Trails’ founder and CEO, established the company to pair the stunning copper craftsmanship she discovered in her travels through Mexico with contemporary design and sustainable business practices. The company’s artisan creations are showcased in more than 1,300 showrooms in the U.S. and Canada. Native Trails is a favorite destination for not only consumers, but also designers, builders, and architects, based on several points of differentiation: category-defining designs, high product quality, use of recycled and sustainable materials, and excellent customer service. Native Trails also recently received the prestigious GREEN GOOD DESIGN award for their Bordeaux Wall Mount. For more information, contact Native Trails at 800-786-0862 or visit