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LG Hausys featuring TechTop, a wireless charging surface, at KBIS 2015

Jan 20, 2015

LG Hausys, a surfacing material manufacturer, proudly announces it is exhibiting at KBIS in booth #N313 from Jan 20-22. At the conference LG Hausys will unveil TechTop, a surface with wireless charging solution offering true convenience and mobility. LG Hausys is the first manufacturer to have this technology available for potential commercial customers.

The event will offer a preview of TechTop and demonstrate the value of this new technology within the commercial community. LG Hausys will embed TechTop into HI-MACS® and Viatera® surface applications allowing users to charge their mobile device by simply placing it on top of the embedded surface. No more searching for the right cable or an elusive wall outlet.

TechTop utilizes Qi inductive charging technology – the universal standard for wireless charging of battery operated mobile devices. Electricity is transmitted wirelessly by way of electromagnetic fields instead of cables. HI-MACS surface holds a transmitter coil that generates a magnetic field through an alternating current. The field resonates with the receiver (in this case, a mobile device) and induces voltage up to 5 watts as of current.

TechTop surface-embedded wireless charging maintains a safe transfer of power thanks to its built-in high voltage and overheating detection. Without an exposed conductor there is minimal risk of fire hazard or electric shock.

LG Hausys is initially focusing on the hospitality and retail sectors. Because the technology is so versatile, the company hopes to expand into other sectors such as entertainment venues and educational institutions as the wireless charging technology develops. The market for compatible devices is endlessly growing. With Sprint and T-Mobile already being compatible, more and more cellular carriers including Verizon and AT&T are adopting this wireless charging technology.

To learn more about TechTop please visit our website at


LG Hausys Media contact for U.S.A.

Jae Wook Choi

900 Circle 75 Pkwy, Suite 1500

Atlanta, GA 30339


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