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Kalamazoo Introduces Outdoor Gourmet Pizza Oven

Jan 3, 2014

• The redesigned Artisan Fire Pizza Oven makes its 2014 debut at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS). It builds on the original version of the wildly-successful Artisan Fire Pizza Oven that was introduced in 2010.

• Made in Kalamazoo, MI only at the time it is ordered. There is no pizza oven stock on hand when the order is received. The minute we get the order is we start bending stainless steel to make that person’s pizza oven

• Not just a pizza oven. You can bake breads, cook fish, roasts, veggies

• Independent burner control – with two burners that can be individually adjusted, the heat can be tailored to whatever it is that you want to cook/bake (i.e., burners on one setting for Neapolitan-style pizza, on another setting for Chicago-style pizza)

• The oven runs on either natural gas or liquid propane. It comes up to baking temperature in about 20 minutes. It’ll embed its full heat of more than 800 degrees into its baking deck and ceiling stone in about 45 minutes, meaning that you’ll be able to bake those Neapolitan-style pizzas after just a 45 minute heat up.

• Made of stainless steel, brass and bronze, it is built to stay outdoors all year long and endure the bitter cold of Chicago winters, the extreme heat of an Arizona summer and the saltwater breezes that come from being in a coastal environment

• Compact, it is designed to sit on outdoor countertops. Its dimensions are 30”W x 30”D x 20”H.

• Price is $6,795