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ICC-ES Launches Sustainable Cabinetry Program

Jan 10, 2024

ICC-ES Launches Safe and Sustainable Cabinetry Program

ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) has unveiled a new certification program that utilizes its proprietary Environmental Criteria for Safe and Sustainable Cabinetry (EC118). The Safe and Sustainable Cabinetry (SASC) Program provides independent and comprehensive third-party verification for cabinet manufacturers on the performance, sustainability and environmental requirements outlined in EC118.

SASC is the first program in the industry that requires ISO/IEC 17065-accredited third-party evaluation of cabinets to the performance and construction standard ANSI A161.1. It also requires independent verification of compliance with US EPA TSCA Title VI.

Once past those gating items, SASC offers a tiered ranking system in which manufacturers may demonstrate green, silver, or gold level compliance with the program. Requirements for the initial green tier include measurement of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in accordance with EPA guidance, and the tracking of waste generation, waste repurposing and recycling, and water consumption. Higher tiers of the program require independently verified year-over-year improvements in GHG emissions, waste and water management.

An advocate of reshaping the industry with a focus on the environment and sustainability, Cabinetworks Group was the first cabinet company to successfully meet the stringent requirements of the ICC-ES SASC program. The report and certificate are available for public view.

“We are proud to be the first cabinet manufacturer to be certified to the SASC standard, which raises the bar for sustainability and environmental impact evaluation in our industry,” said John Barkhouse, CEO of Cabinetworks. “Cabinet manufacturers rely heavily on natural resources to build cabinets. Sustainable materials and strong environmental stewardship will play a critical role in securing the future of our industry.”

“The SASC program is a first of its kind and incredibly important in establishing ICC-ES’s role in the sustainability initiative in the built environment. This program will encourage companies stretch to higher levels of consistent, measurable quality and sustainability. We are pleased to issue the first certification to Cabinetworks Group, who has been a leader and ally in the environmental and safety efforts in the cabinetry field,” said Shahin Moinian, ICC-ES President.

For more information or to get started with a certification, please visit and/or contact Qiaoli Meng, Senior Staff Engineer at