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Jan 10, 2019



New Efficient ​Shower Technology in Raindance Showers 


(Alpharetta, GA – February 2019Hansgrohe, a leading manufacturer of bathroom fixtures since 1901, revolutionizes the shower experience with the launch of a new PowderRain spray technology at KBIS 2019 in Booth N3263. Developed in the R & D laboratory at the company’s headquarters in Germany, the innovative spray mode is characterized by sumptuous yet efficient micro-fine droplets. It also delivers exceptional acoustic performance. PowderRain is now available in a range of overhead and handheld showers from the hansgrohe brand including the Raindance S 240 with PowderRain ShowerheadRaindance S 180 with PowderRain Showerhead, as well as a Raindance Select S 120 with PowderRain Handshower. 


“When showering, water should fall on the body—and nowhere else,” Derek Taylor, Product Manager – Showering, explains. “That’s where PowderRain spray comes into play. The innovation is in every single nozzle of the shower face. Each has been arranged precisely on the spray disc in order to deliver a voluminous, drenching spray, while still operating at a reduced flow rate. The thousands of fine water droplets ‘cocoon’ the body for the ultimate relaxing shower experience.” 


PowderRain spray is much finer than conventional shower jets. Instead of only one spray outlet per nozzle, PowderRain spray has several fine openings. The droplets are so light that they fall gently on the skin without bouncing off. This automatically reduces splashing and retains warmth on the skin: a great advantage in open showers. The sprays are arranged more densely as well, which intensifies the effect. The Raindance S 180 P showerhead is available in either 1.75 GPM or 2.0 GPM versions, while the Raindance S 240 P has a flow rate of 2.5 GPM. To meet a wide range of environmental codes, as well as user preferences, the Raindance Select S 120 P Handshower is available in 1.75, 2.0, and 2.5 GPM versions. Available finishes include chrome and brushed nickel. A shower experience that pampers all the senses also includes pleasant acoustics. Hansgrohe’s acoustic experts engineered the products to meet the strict German regulations for acoustic performance. 


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As part of the internationally active Hansgrohe Group, hansgrohe is the premium brand for showers, shower systems, bathroom and kitchen faucets, as well as kitchen sinks. With its many award-winning products, hansgrohe shapes the flow of water in the kitchen and the bathroom. Because this is where people spend the time they treasure most and experience precious moments in the interaction with water. With these moments in mind, the hansgrohe brand develops ground-breaking solutions that unite extraordinary design, long-lasting quality and intelligent features for maximum ease of use. The hansgrohe brand turns water into an impressive experience:  


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