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Federal Brace Introduces Wood Corbel Kits

Oct 1, 2015

Wood Corbel Kits are the newest addition to Federal Brace’s foray into decorative wooden mounts, joining the revolutionary Corbel Converter and Corbel Mount System as a more versatile, and more traditional option for interior decor in homes and offices. The kits, in options of four very different styles and looks, come with the wooden corbel and mounting system, a unique routing system pre-fitted to the back of the corbel, and all fasteners to make installment a painless procedure. Their innovative approach to mounting and routing has lead to their corbels being called “anything but traditional”, while still maintaining the desired elegance of a traditional wooden corbel, and allows corbels to be installed after all other millwork and installment is completed to ensure that they remain undamaged during the cabinetry and countertop hubbub. Each wood corbel is made of high-quality maple wood, hand-crafted to fit at the ideal angle for maximum ease of installment and beautiful decoration without all the hassle. The maple comes unfinished and can easily be stained to match the desired finish.

The elaborate Traditional Wood Corbel is a gorgeous take on the gently scrolling antiquities of olden times. This corbel looks classic in libraries or offices and living rooms as a decorative touch underneath countertops or reception areas, or as a light support for shelves. The more modern Bar Brackets are thinner to allow for leg room at breakfast bars, or in areas where entertaining and seating would be optimal. The Traditional Bar Brackets decorative touch comes from the front, with a series of ledges and slopes that give it a pleasing profile. The Scalloped Overhang Bar Bracket is sculpted with an arch to allow for optimal room and the scalloped edges have an opening effect in smaller seating areas or tiny rooms. The Wood Corbel Bar Bracket is heftier, allowing for an eye-catching effect and calling attention to the smooth cut of the bracket.

For more information about the Wood Corbel Kits and more contact Federal Brace at or call toll-free at 1(877)-353-8899. Their experienced and qualified staff can be reached at any time for a quick response at

Media Contact:
Cathy Morgan
(877) 353-8899

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