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Elias Woodwork Introduced RTA Face Frame Cabinetry

Jan 6, 2014

Elias Woodwork continues to expand its offering to provide a full custom solution to all your kitchen and bath remodeling needs. We are proud to announce our newest product, all wood no particle board Ready To Assemble face frame cabinets featuring Cabinotch® Custom Cabinet Box System.


Designed to accompany your refacing projects when add on cabinetry is needed, or for any New Kitchen & bath Remodeling projects. Order any cabinet in any width, height, or depth, eliminating the need for fillers and truly designing a custom look for you customer’s needs and layouts.



• Customizable sizes to 1/1000 of an inch in Width, Height, & Depth

• Requires no clamps or fasteners and no need to wait for the glue to dry

• 5 minutes to assemble a standard base cabinet and it’s ready to install

• Wood on wood locking joint for a solid high quality construction and assembly

• ½” sides, backs, bottoms, & tops

• ¾” Shelves

• Durable UV Finished Interiors

• Fully finished Face Frames, Toe Kicks, & End Panels to match door styles

• Available in many species

• Custom cabinets at stock prices

• Manufactured in North America


When redesigning your customer’s kitchen or bath remodel, feel confident knowing you can truly design a custom kitchen with the highest quality components including custom cabinetry. Whether you are adding on cabinets to an existing layout, or redesigning from scratch, Elias Woodwork’s RTA Face Frame Cabinetry allows you the convenience of custom sizing without having to pay for custom cabinet pricing. Shipped flat packed ready to assemble saves on extra costs of shipping and takes away the high cost for assembly.


To give you a more confident, professional, & practical solution to your next kitchen or bath remodel, we also offer our design services. Start off with a sketch or an idea, and send it to our designers at Elias Woodwork and have them help you by providing a High Quality 3D rendering. This is the easiest and most accurate way of providing your customer with the kitchen or bath they are hoping for. As all our cabinetry provides truly custom sizing, there is no need for fillers and you can achieve the look you really want.


Matched with our diverse selection of doors, corbels, drawer boxes and millwork, you have everything you need in one place to provide your next kitchen or bath masterpiece. See our website for more information.