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Brondell’s SWASH 1400 Electronic Bidet Seat is Spearheading the Smarter Toilet Trend with Its Unique Design and Fully Loaded Feature Set

Dec 7, 2018


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Brondell’s SWASH 1400 Electronic Bidet Seat is Spearheading the Smarter Toilet Trend with Its Unique Design and Fully Loaded Feature Set

San Francisco, CA – November 16, 2018

                Today, people expect more from their homes. A Kagan media research study indicates the number of smart homes will increase from 12.5% of total U.S. households in 2016 to 28% by 2021 and every room is important as the next, especially when it comes to hygiene. With that in mind, Brondell is leading the charge in terms of the smart bathroom and have been killing it with their new SWASH 1400 electronic Bidet toilet seat.

                Combining all the convenient wash features of conventional bidet seats with a whole new set of luxury spa-inspired extras, this seat is leading the pack in the must-haves for a 2019 smart home.

                “It’s amazing to see so many people getting excited about this product,” says Steve Scheer, Brondell’s President. “We’ve seen sustained year-over-year growth rates in excess of 20% for the past 5 years in the advanced bidet toilet seat category. Brondell is thrilled to be one of the leading manufacturers in the North American market in this rapidly evolving smart home products category.”

                It’s easy to see why this seat is outperforming in its class. With features like a heated seat, carbon block deodorizer, custom wash experience with adjustable spray widths, temperatures, oscillating dual nozzles, even a cool blue nightlight, Brondell not only employed the R&D of a veteran player in the bidet category but also took the time to listen to their customers and implement a multifaceted solution set to deliver the most comprehensive clean while alleviating the pain points overlooked by their status quo competition – and it’s paying off.

About Brondell

With over 15 years in the business of healthy home innovations, Brondell brings a unique perspective to the kitchen and bath industry. Brondell has its roots in technology, a keen eye toward design, and a scrappy San Francisco startup spirit. In their mission to bring the hi-tech bidet market to the American consumer, they’ve managed to imagine some of the most innovative and bestselling products in their class while expanding into the markets of smart air purification and efficient water filtration. Over the years, they’ve garnered a reputation for disrupting the status quo, winning awards from Wired, Good Housekeeping, Home Magazine and many others for their distinct products and pioneering vision.