Despite cancelling our in-person February 2021 show, we are committed to keeping us all connected. As part of this commitment, we will be launching a virtual show February 9-12, that is designed to deliver qualified leads, promote product launches and initiate meaningful engagement through face to face meetings, networking sessions and more. Bringing the kitchen & bath community to you, no travel required. We’ve compiled several resoures to help you navigate KBIS Virtual. Check back often for additional information!

Customer Invitation Program

As a valued exhibitor at KBIS Virtual you have access to the Customer Invitation Program. This FREE program is designed to help you market your participation and invite your customers and prospects to experience KBIS Virtual. Haven’t received your dashboard link? Request below.

Virtual Booth

How is Chatbot different from Live Chat?

Chatbots are used for generalized help and are a 3-rd party plug in. I.e., you can quickly answer questions like “When will X product go on sale?”  Live chat is a 1 on 1 chat between an exhibitor and attendee for more in-depth conversation. 

How does the Calendly Meeting Calendar differ from the Personalized Meeting Calendar for Attendees to request meetings?

They are the same, just your preference! To learn more, review page 2 of our Exhibitor Booth Overview.

We sell under multiple brand names of ours. We would want different brands in the directories. How will that work?

The exhibitor can have multiple booths and additional directory listings by purchasing additional booths. See pricing on page 9.

How many people can work a booth at the same time?

Unlimited! You can have as many booth staff as you see fit.

In the chat feature, is an attendee able to select a specific person to chat with in the booth?

No.  The message would be sent as a group chat. 

Can you please give some examples of virtual swag?

A raffle for a prize such as iPhone 12, headphones, etc. is a popular choice. Or any other giveaway – such as discounts/rebates off your products!

Can I have multiple different demos running all day long?

Yes! In fact, we encourage you to have multiple demos held within your booth. 

Is there a finished booth that I can see?

Yes Please contact your account representative to learn more.

My company has several brands that share one booth. How can we differentiate and get exposure for each brand?

We have had that request multiple times and can work with the exhibitor to help them operate in a multi-booth environment.

Could I customize the booth to display specific products?

Yes! Please contact us to learn more.

Is there an app to manage your booth?

There is no app at this time. However, our booth template is very easy to manage on any desktop.

For the chat feature, is it going to be a face to face, voice chat, or a text chat?

Text chat.

Will there be a sound to notify that someone came into the booth?

Yes! No need to stare at your virtual booth all day, just have the tab open and volume on.  

Is there any visibility of who is meeting within the booth? For example, if someone comes to the booth and requests a meeting with me, can everyone see who I am in a meeting with? In addition to that, can someone join a meeting in process? OR can the people in the meeting request someone else join?

It is important to note that the Chat and Meeting features are two separate features. Regarding the meeting feature in your booth, yes, you will be able to see who is requesting a meeting with you. You have the option of using a form within the booth or using Calendly. You will be able to see which attendee is requesting a meeting with either option. The Chat feature will also allow you to see who is messaging you. It is very similar to Linkedin or Facebook Messenger.

Onboarding/Booth Training

Once I’m signed up as an exhibitor how will I know how to set up my booth? What comes next?

As an exhibitor, you will get a welcome email explaining the setup process, a series of additional informational emails and a link to exhibitor training videos.

What are data tags?

Data tags are what we call “Quick Facts”.  They are pulled from the demographic fields set up in the exhibitor profile.  They help attendees find the exhibitor, get a quick overview of the key facts and appear in a modal in the booth and exhibitor directory.

Is there a limit to the number of chats and messages that can happen at one time?

No limit. You will find our message view familiar and easy to navigate. Keep track of all messages in your inbox. 

Will you have ‘virtual business cards’ so people looking for particular reps can be sent directly to them?

Yes, there is a contact page where you can list all representative contact information.

What tools do I have to invite new attendees to my booth?

Matchmaking, appearance in directories, advertising placements, newsletter placements, etc. View booth offerings and sponsorship options to learn more.

When does the booth need to be finished/submitted?

The sooner the better! We will do the best we can to help accommodate any last-minute booth purchases but as best practice, we suggest two weekly before the show stages which is roughly the end of January. Ultimately, the more time you allow yourself to promote and perfect your booth, the better.

Once I have submitted my booth, can I continue to work on it up until the show start?

Yes! Edits can be made to your booth at any time before/during/after the live event. 

Lead Attainment

When are exhibitors able to send out meeting requests to attendees?

We recommend no earlier than 2 weeks before the event to give time for an adequate number of attendees to be registered. 

How will exhibitors access their daily booth reports? What contact details will exhibitors receive from this report?

An exhibitor will get reports directly in their dashboard.  All exhibitors get the entire contact record of an attendee if they have filled out a form inside the booth.  Gold and platinum exhibitors get the contact record for any attendee that has viewed the booth or its content.

How does Matchmaking work? Am I able to see the attendees who visited my booth only? Or all who registered for the show?

Matchmaking is accessed from the exhibitor dashboard.  Exhibitors can run a filtered search for attendees based on the demographic fields collected in registration.  Once the exhibitor searches, attendees that meet the filter are displayed.  The exhibitor selects the attendees and creates a personal message that will be delivered into the attendee message center in the portal as well as an indexed email.  Every exhibitor has a “budget” of the number of requests that they can send. 

What are guaranteed leads?

We guarantee leads if the attendee takes an affirmative action (meetings, virtual swag, etc.) at all exhibitor levels, the exhibitor will get a full contact record.  At the platinum and gold level, if the attendee enters the booth the exhibitor will get the full contact information.

Can I get a report post show of who enters my booth and their information?

Better yet, you can get this report during the show!

Am I able to see attendees prior to the show & can meetings be set up with attendees ahead of time, or only once the show goes live?

We have a matchmaking service for pre-show meetingsDepending on exhibitor level, you may have access to the directory. Please review booth packages and offerings to learn more.

When I reach out to attendees to set up a meeting can the messages include images or videos?

No, text only.  

Is the only way to generate leads to have an attendee fill out a contact form when they come into your virtual booth?

If you are a higher-level exhibitor, you get the lead no matter what an attendee does in the boothHowever, a lead is generated for a call to action not just a form fill out: Schedule a meeting, attend a demo, etc. 

Show Information

What is the New Product Showcase directory?

When a post is tagged as “New Product”, the system automatically adds them to the new product directory that can be displayed in the booth as well as on the site in the New Product Showcase directory that attendees will use as a search tool. Silver exhibitors receive up to three products showcased in the New Product Showcase directory, Gold up to 5 and Platinum up to 10.

Will there be a way to filter solicitors from entering the virtual booth? Can we report them?

Please email kbis@emeraldx.com to report.

With the difference in time zones, what do you recommend the hours to staff the booth?

We recommend that your staff be available for expo hall hours which are 10:00 – 6:00 EST.


What are the sitewide alert messages? Message to an inbox? A pop-up? How many?

Site-wide alert messages appear across the top of all pages and alert the attendee to key happenings at the show (I.e., They Keynote is coming up in 10 minutes). Platinum exhibitors receive sitewide alert messages to highlight sponsored session.

If we have virtual content for the booth, would this platform host it? So we just sent over the files?

Convey’s platform hosts content and the exhibitor can add it to their booth in only minutes.

Marketing, Promotion & Press

What will the press component look like this year? Will media be registering? Will there be a KBIS media list available?

Editorial Media will most definitely be registering for KBIS Virtual! All exhibitors will be sent a registered media list upon request. Please contact your sales representative to learn more. 

How do I go about getting a full list of attendees?

Attendee list rentals are available as a sponsorship opportunity. Promote your product launches, pre-show marketing updates and other exhibitor-led initiatives to registered KBIS 2020 attendees and KBIS 2021 virtual attendees. Please contact your sales representative to learn more. 

In typical years, some promotional information about the booths goes online early so attendees can plan who to visit. What will be available prior to the show for attendees to plan who to visit?

Yes, there will be an updated exhibitor list available for attendees to browse exhibitors they would like to visit during the live event. Visit the exhibitor list often for updates! 


What is the deadline for attendees to register?

KBIS Virtual will be live February 9-12, 2021 and available OnDemand through March 31, 2021. Attendees can register to access the virtual platform at any time up until the platform closes March 31, 2021! 

Is there a KBIS Virtual agenda defined? What are the times scheduled?

The agenda is in the works! Check back soon for more details. 

When will a list of exhibitors be available?

Check back late November for an updated list!  

Are you limiting the number of Platinum booths?

No, there is no limit to the number of Platinum exhibitors.

If we already paid to attend the in-person event, how will payment work when registering for the virtual one?

Current KBIS registrants will automatically have their registration transferred to the virtual event with the same access they had for the in-person event. KBIS will process a refund for the difference between the applicable in-person registration fee and the virtual registration fee. Refunds will be issued within 60 days to the card that was originally used to pay for your registration. If you would like to upgrade your virtual registration access to an Education + Expo Pass you can do so by logging back into your registration record, choosing the upgraded registration option and provide the additional payment online when registration opens on December 7, 2020. The registration portal from the live event is now closed. 

In the physical booth, when attendees enter, we would typically scan their badge and this would serve as an opt-in. Is it the same with the virtual booth, but no need to scan? Does KBIS have opt-in language for all virtual attendees?

No need to scan, we have you covered! There is standard opt-in language included when KBIS Virtual attendees register for the event.  

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