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Valley Acrylic Introduces the Mem Collection

Dec 10, 2015

Inspired by Coco Chanel, the MEM collection is our new 2016 Colour Me collection. As it’s a Colour Me collection, the products are hand painted by Canadian artisan and made by Shila stone. It’s also a part of our Prestige Collection. High quality and innovative are the two main words to describe this new trendy and practical collection from Valley.

Polka dots appeared in the 1950s and are synonyms of optimistic, prosperous, ostensibly, but also dizzyingly energetic, the atomic age dissolving into particles before our eyes. Most superficially, polka dots suggest simplicity, fun, childhood (with a bent towards girlishness)—what could be a less complicated, less loaded pattern?

Blue, pink, green, yellow, gray, or any other color could capture your creativity and allow you to coordinate all your bathroom products with touches of color from your faucets, bathtubs, sinks, shower, etc. More than a touch of color MEM products are highly hygienic such as the drains for shower bases which make the cleaning easier!

The MEM Collection is a part of the Colour Me Collection and those products are made of Shila Stone. Valley’s Signature Shila Stone material is a nonporous material that is more durable than acrylic. It is exceptionally strong, resistant to etching or staining as well as being leak proof and easy to clean. Shila Stone basins are manufactured from Valley’s signature Shila Stone Material. Accent your bathroom or create a focal point with these fully colour customizable basins. These basins are also manufactured to the highest standards of modern design so they are great as accents to Valley’s Colour Me Series shower bases, or as standalone pieces. Every product from the Colour Me collection are hand painted by Canadian artisan!

  • Colour me blue delight, a chance to inspire
  • Colour me cabaret pink, a creation of desire
  • Colour me solar yellow bright and clean
  • Colour me dream green, each and every shade of green
  • Colour me shades of white and gray; soft and chic

Simply choose a colour from the valley rainbow making me unique.

Media Contact:
Ravi Bansal
(877) 398-8827

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