Dec 20, 2016

From 10 to 12 January, Antolini will present a peaceful and luxurious setting at KBIS.

At the crossroads of elegance and relaxation lives true escape. A flawless combination of natural blues and greys work in beautiful harmony to create a bathroom space unlike any other. This contemporary setting, created by Alessandro La Spada, feels peaceful, open, dream-like and evokes a strong sense of tranquility, that rivals that of an ocean breeze. Natural stones in multiple finishings, shape this unique getaway while perfectly placed streaks of gold bring a sense of wonder and add royal allure. Within this setting, multiple meticulously selected, seductive elements, stand in contrast with the peaceful stone patterns, yet perfectly complement the atmosphere that celebrates Haute Nature and life’s harmony and tranquility.

Haute Nature is Antolini’s tribute to a designer who has provided the world with the most fashionable creations: Mother Nature. Natural stone is a fragment of the stream of life, the heartbeat of the ages, the skin of our planet. Perfect in its peculiarities. Purity in its most perfect form: design, colors and patterns handed to us by history.


Alessandro La Spada, the eccentric and eclectic Italian designer known for his inexhaustible creativity, has always been fascinated by the emotional aspect of objects. He combines in his work a skillful ability to mold materials with extreme care over the details and patient determination in following the creative process from conception to the final creation. He collaborates with the most important brands in the furnishings industry, designing rooms and collections with a firmly dreamlike character – www.alessandrolaspada.it


Invisible Blue:
The Invisible Blue stone perfectly encompasses the meaning of elegance. The intricate and unique design of this natural stone can turn any surface into a stunning canvas of art. The bluish grey undertones are a striking contrast against the white coloring, creating an almost glowing effect with this beautiful composition. It is easy to be overcome with a sensation of calm and clear mindedness while observing the Invisible Blue. Each individual slab is unlike any others, making this a unique feature within your home. An element of sophistication makes this stone ideal for an environment of professionalism and poise.

Invisible Grey:
Much like a painting, the Invisible Grey stone effortlessly displays a unique and individual pattern that consists of an almost shattered look, it overwhelmingly invokes a sense of cohesion within your home. It is easy to become overcome with a feeling of confidence as your eyes trace the delicate lines of the dark grey contrasting against the light. The dramatic intensity of the Invisible Grey brings forth manifestations of powerful and meaningful memories, making this a wonderful addition to any environment.

Calcite Azul Extra:
Calcite Azul originates in Brazil and stands out for its blue grey coloring, conveying to those who experience an ambience finished in this material a sense of strength, calm and security. Recommended for interiors, it draws the observer into the charm of its sugary tones that suggest the perception of ethereal beauty on one hand and, on the other, symbolize freshness and clarity. The tones of Calcite Azul Extra are those of unlimited, neutral spaces, ambiences of balance and elegance. This stone is especially recommended for interior furnishings.


ANTOLINI @ KBIS – 10-12 January 2016
Stand S5114 (Level 1, South Building, Hall B)


Seppe Van Beneden
+1 310 437 32 82



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