Team 7 Designs Custom Solid Wood Kitchens You Can Live In

Jan 10, 2017

The modern kitchen has changed- it has become a part of the living area. Team 7 designs custom furniture for the entire home, allowing the kitchen to serve as your home’s activity hub between dining and living room.

“Today the modern kitchen is no longer hidden in a small room. Instead, it is open, hospitable, and above all, flexible,” explains Sebastian Desch, head of design at the Austrian solid wood specialist TEAM 7.

Increasingly open architectural spaces and designs encourage this development. Kitchen enthusiasts often plan their entire living space around this heart of the home. This invites you to cook, celebrate, work and chat together.

Wood cabinetry brings a sense of cosiness to the room. Solid wood in particular has established itself as an ideal material for kitchens. It is not only extremely durable but healthy for your home because it is free from harmful pollutants and possesses antibacterial properties. From oak to walnut, every wood type has an individual look. The original grain on each surface gives a unique sense of charisma.

“We combine the newest technologies with traditional Austrian craftsmanship to make our solid wood products”, says Desch. “For the fronts we use high-quality, undeformable 3-layer wood boards that are produced in our own board factory.”

Team 7 offers kitchens in seven wood types and a variety of styles – from classical to puristic – with framework made exclusively from fine solid wood engineered to resist warping. The Austrian manufacturer uses traditional production techniques with a modern form language and is considered a perfectionist when it comes to details and individual solutions.

Treated only with natural oil, the wood remains porous and breathable. It regulates moisture and absorbs odors, thereby contributing to a healthy environment. It is also very safe and hygienic for storing food.

Customized to align with your tastes, Team 7 wood cabinetry can be paired with optional materials such as stainless steel or colored glass, or with contrasting wood types. This creates an interplay between nature and technology, sensibility and style. More and more people are inspired by their high standards of design and functionality.

Modern floorpans offer space for new kitchen concepts. For instance, kitchen islands have become extremely popular as a freestanding hub for cooking and food preparation.

“Outdated aesthetics are a thing of the past – the wood kitchens of today are highly modern designer pieces,” Desch states.

With diverse counters, extendable tables, glass cabinets, sideboards and versatile shelf systems, TEAM 7 kitchens offer an impressive variety of combinations to cooking enthusiasts and lovers of wood.

“The meticulous handcrafted details, such as finger-jointed drawers or butcher blocks with end-grained wood, make our models uniquely charming”, says Sebastian Desch.

When living, cooking, and dining become one, it has a visible impact on the design: technology discreetly vanishes into the background of the lifestyle-compatible kitchen. With smart spaces for electronics and storage enhancements, the space is transformed.

Every Team 7 kitchen is planned exactly according to the customers’ wishes and suited to their individual requirements. This applies to height, width, and depth of every cabinet, as well as countertops, shelves, and interior organization. After all, this is the product of experienced carpenters who have a masterful understanding of modern and traditional handicraft techniques. The result is innovative solid wood kitchens of the highest quality.


Team 7 Press Contact:
Sheri Mercadante, Marketing Director at German Design Center
24 West 25th St., 2nd Floor,
New York, NY 10023
(888) 209-5240


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