StruckArt adds depth and detail to interior spaces, part of Richelieu’s stunning new line of decorative panels

Jan 15, 2016

Richelieu has long been a source of original decorative laminate and panels for adding texture, elegance and excitement to any interior space. Their new panel range continues the tradition with four distinctive series that include the richly structured StruckArt line for bringing depth and detail to any room.

StruckArt is a striking collection of richly embossed panels in a range of artful patterns with varying degrees of texture. StruckArt is ideal for all interior surfaces, such as furniture, sliding doors, cabinets, walls and exhibition booths.

The panel series offers both shallow and more deeply structured textures in various core materials with either reconstituted or real-wood veneers. Some panels like Borke-Linear and Spalt-Linear resemble natural wood paneling. Delta, Schiff, Mosaic and Ocean are more abstract, giving walls and interiors a contemporary flair. All StruckArt panels enliven any room by adding depth and detail in elegant, sophisticated designs.

To download the decorative panel brochures, visit Richelieu’s website at www.richelieu.com.


Richelieu has operated in North America for over 45 years, serving more than 70,000 clients with nearly 100,000 products across a multitude of categories. With its vast array of specialized items manufactured by two subsidiaries, Richelieu is at the forefront of design, style and innovation for 21st century lifestyles.


Media Contact:
Veronique St-Cyr


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