Stiletto by Valley Acrylic

Jan 4, 2016

The infamous shoe designer Christian Louboutin describes high heels as “pleasure with pain” – but here at Valley, we’ve changed that concept with our gorgeous Stiletto freestanding bathtub. The epitome of comfort and class, this exclusive heel-shaped bathtub will surely become the centrepiece of any bathroom. Inspired by the original Louboutin design, our Stiletto bathtub features a cocooned bathing well for a luxurious bathing experience, and a wide base that curves upwards from the edge, forming the heel of the shoe. The waterfall spout allows the water to flow from above, sliding down gracefully and massaging your shoulders.

If you’re a fan of the classic Louboutin like the ladies here at Valley, then our black finish Stiletto with the infamous “Sammy red-bottoms” and the white bathing well will be the perfect fit for you! Those who want to add a pop of colour have the freedom to personalize and choose their own custom colours for the Stiletto.

If the Stiletto is not already the bathtub of your dreams, you have the option of adding on some amazing features that will exceed your expectations. For those looking to add that extra touch of extravagance, try our sixteen V-Aura Air jets that will surely make any bathing experience a breeze. Our brand new Vigor+ System is a deeply personalized spa detox experience, featuring a hydro-cleanse and air masseuse system. The Chromatherapy and aroma hydro-therapy are also

included, which not only relax but also rejuvenate the body. Vigor+ also includes a Comfort Warm Rejuvenation System which provides thermotherapy in the comfort of your own home, giving you the freedom to choose between two intensities of heat (high and low). A soft touch control panel is also included for easy selection of the different features. All these control systems are compatiable with our amazing Freestanding Allaire jetting system. Which allows for easy access to plumbing, provides the ability to install a deck mounted faucet, and you can even customize it with a pop of colour!

With all these features and more, we bet that once you have tried this bathtub, you will ex- change your real Louboutin’s shoes for the Stiletto!

Media Contact:
Ravi Bansal
(877) 398-8827

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