Dec 30, 2016

MONTREAL, December 2016 – Richelieu has long been a source of original decorative laminate and panels for adding texture, elegance and excitement to any interior space. The new panel range continues the tradition with five distinctive series that include collections made of natural materials such as wood and stone.

Richelieu’s Antik Textured Embossed Panels embrace the look of aged wood. Covered with real oak veneer surface and matching edgebanding, Antik panels are a classic interior decor panel for cabinets, sliding doors or wall coverings.

The Sun-Wood Collection reproduces the characteristics of old burnt, reclaimed or worm wood through advanced technology that adds depth and texture to the wood surface. These panels are textured with a chipped or brushed surface and hold a direct imprint of naturally aged wood patterns that replicate the unique and authentic character of wood species.

Barillo Panels are made of recycled Oak wood wine barrels from the Rioja region of Spain. The combination of the type of wine barrel and the length of aging gives each panel its own artistic flare and color. Choose from Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot panels to create a remarkable wall or wine cellar in your home or commercial space.

Richelieu is a leader in the field of innovative cladding and paneling systems, and its Facestone and Bricks and Stones collections are more proof of just why. Facestone panels are composite sheets made of authentic natural clay and volcanic ash sedimentary rock available in four different finishes that mimic slate, granite and marble-like surfaces. Bricks and stones panel surfaces are made of real marble stone powder. Our patented manufacturing system accurately reproduces textures and colors of bricks and stone.

For more information, visit Richelieu’s Website at www.richelieu.com.


About Richelieu
Richelieu has operated in North America for over 45 years, serving more than 70,000 clients with nearly 110,000 products across a multitude of categories. With its vast array of specialized items manufactured by two subsidiaries, Richelieu is at the forefront of design, style and innovation for 21st century lifestyles.


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