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Dec 7, 2016

New Ibiza Faucet by Ruvati brightens the kitchen with colorful sleeve options to match your mood.

Austin, TX. December 7, 2016:  Ruvati brings a colorful vision of style to the kitchen with its sensational Ibiza faucet. Why limit yourself to standard finishes when you can enliven your décor. Eye-catching on its own with a sleek arched design, the Ibiza comes with three silicone sleeves in Pure White, Jet Black and Ruby Red. Also available are options in Ocean Blue, Navy Blue and Coral Pink. The sleeves slip easily on and off the faucet, making it simple to change colors according to your mood or to “dress up” for the holidays or a special dinner party.

Consumers and designers alike have fallen in love with the Ibiza faucet for aesthetic and practical reasons. In addition to the fun of interchangeable colors, the silicone sleeves are soft to the touch and bring a sense of warmth to cold metal. The silicone is extremely durable and made to withstand the rigors of today’s busy kitchens. They are resistant to high temperatures and caustic chemicals, and they can be easily cleaned with soap and water, or a vinegar solution. The faucet itself is crafted from high quality stainless steel with zero lead content and a solid finish that won’t crack or peel.

Created by designer Jeremy Layne, the Ibiza faucet measures 20 •” tall with a spout reach of 9 •”. The flexible spout also pulls down to reach the far corners of any sink. The faucet can be purchased online from major retailers including Amazon or Wayfair.com. The retail sale price of $159 includes three sleeves; additional sleeves are available for $24 each.

For more information about the Ibiza Faucet, visit ruvati.com.


Ruvati elevates the standard for style and performance by crafting a unique selection of quality sinks and faucets that evoke the classic beauty and sophisticated elegance of Italian design. Each component is carefully chosen and exhaustively tested to offer the utmost in functionality and reliability. All of our sinks and faucets are manufactured using the highest gauge steel available to ensure long-lasting durability. This results in a collection of flawless products that are not only stunning to behold, but also built to last for decades.
For more information visit ruvati.com.


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