Plum To Unveil Industry’s First Multi-Purpose, Fully Automatic Wine Appliance at KBIS 2020

Dec 20, 2019

Plum To Unveil Industry’s First Multi-Purpose, Fully Automatic Wine Appliance at KBIS 2020
— Going beyond wine preservation, Plum changes the game with its cutting-edge technology and design —

Miami, FL, December 2019 – Plum is the first appliance that automatically identifies, chills to the perfect temperature, preserves for 90 days, and serves bottles of wine one glass at a time. With the simple touch of a screen, a perfect glass of wine is served in seconds. Redefining the wine consumption process, Plum adapts imbibing to its user’s lifestyle. Gone are the days of needing to pour wine down the drain. With preservation lasting up to 90 days, users can enjoy their bottle of wine at their leisure, one pour at a time – when they want it.

Conceived to match any high-end kitchen, living room, wet bar, or closet, Plum has a molded, brushed stainless steel shell complete with a black front panel finished in a high gloss. It fits any standard kitchen counter below upper cabinetry, or it can even be built into customized cabinetry. Plum Reserve will be unveiled at the 2020 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas from January 21st – 23rd in the South Hall, Booth SL1719.

“We are excited to make our KBIS debut with the introduction of our revolutionary product,” said Andreas Hansen, Global President of Plum. “KBIS is the premier show for the kitchen and bath industry, showcasing the most innovative products on the market, making it the perfect place for Plum to be unveiled.”

Plum is ideal for singles, households divided between red and white wine, foodies who appreciate food and wine pairings, hosts who frequently entertain, and for those who just want to enjoy a special bottle – one glass at a time.
“Simple, seamless, and luxurious, Plum provides wine consumers with a way to enjoy wine on their own terms,” said David Koretz, Founder and CEO of Plum. “Opening a bottle of wine and later pouring it down the drain will no longer need to be a reality,” adding, “Beyond Plum’s practicality, its sleek and elegant design makes for a must-have, chic addition to any kitchen area and is easy to incorporate into most cabinetry or counterspace.”

By using sophisticated technology, every step of the wine-consumption process is carefully thought out to provide the user with the perfect glass of wine anytime.

How Plum works:
•    Drop in Any Bottle: Plum works with any standard 750ml bottle, including natural and artificial corks, and even metal screw caps — without removing the foil or closure.
•    Motorized Needle: Designed for everyday use, Plum’s patented double-cored needle automatically pierces through the foil and closure, simultaneously extracting wine from the bottle and injecting argon gas to prevent oxidation.
•    150 Bottles of Preservation: Plum comes with a fully reusable argon gas canister that preserves 150 bottles, so you can focus on enjoying your wine rather than swapping argon.
•    Silent Cooling: Two thermoelectric solid-state cooling chambers chill each bottle to its ideal temperature automatically — and you can customize the temperature to suit your individual taste.
•    Wine Recognition: Each bottle chamber has an integrated HD camera that scans the label and automatically identifies the varietal, vintage, region, winery and wine.
•    Customized Servings: Pour a 5-ounce glass, a 1-ounce taste, or customize your serving sizes. Plum’s dual spouts pour each wine directly from the bottle to your glass.
•    Automatic Cleaning: Plum has a built-in automated cleaning system, so it’s always ready to pour the perfect glass.
•    Customizable Placement: Plum fits perfectly on a standard kitchen countertop, and it can be inserted into customized cabinetry.

For more information on Plum, please visit https://www.plum.wine/
or stop by South Hall, Booth SL1719 at KBIS 2020.


About Plum
Plum is dedicated to transforming how consumers enjoy wine from the bottle to the glass. Launched in 2017, the company started with a single goal: to change to way wine is served to match the way people live. Through its use of sophisticated technology and elegant design, Plum’s mission is to deliver the perfect glass of wine on demand, every time – preserved and at the ideal serving temperature. For love of wineTM.