Nobilia 2017 Collection Sets The Tone

Jan 10, 2017

Verl. — 20 New cabinet fronts, a broadly expanded Color Concept range and seven additional niche claddings with motifs: true to the motto “nobilia sets the tone,” the company once again ignites a colorful display of new products and ideas for individual storytelling in the kitchen.

Whether popular bronze tones or architecturally-influenced concrete looks, contemporary solid hues, or a rustic wood look – the new collection has all the right ingredients for delectable kitchen style.

The range of expanded elements and accessories allow for endless design options, right down to the last detail. New additions include eight new worktop décors, 22 new upright panel colors, two new upright panel systems, and 14 new handles.

Color Concept
Nobilia’s expanded Color Concept range opens up brand new design possibilities. Alongside shelves and worktop edges, the product range now also includes wall panels, shelving and wall units with flap doors. This introduces a great deal of creative freedom in planning, whether through small touches of color or large-scale applications.

Color Concept has introduced four new colors for 2017. Ferro bronze and Concrete slate grey reproduction are the new trendsetting highlights with a metallic glamour factor or industrial chic. Ferro bronze takes its inspiration from the rising popularity of copper, bronze and rose gold. The metallic trend has origins in fashion, and now lends a touch of luxury to home interiors. Concrete slate grey reproduction brings a touch of urban chic and a contemporary edge to the kitchen. Vivid accents can also be created using the new solid colors: a sunny Maize yellow or a subtle shade of Sage. This brings the total number of colors in the Color Concept range up to eight.

Niche cladding with motifs
Seven additional niche claddings with digital print motifs expand the creative design freedom
for backsplashes and other recesses. The new selection ranges from retro-style tile motifs to popular patchwork design to industrial brickwork and steel finishes. Whether befitting an urban lifestyle with industrial design or a traditional country-like ambience – such additions can make a powerful style statement with your kitchen. A total of 21 niche motifs now round off the versatile assortment of styles. An additional textured glass finish is added to glass niches with Masterflow in black matte.

New fronts
20 new fronts feature designs not only in all price segments, but also in line with the latest and most relevant trends. These include the industrial look, laid back warmth, urban chic with a hint of opulence, bold finishes in lacquer and lacquered laminate, handleless fronts and various expressions of the beloved cottage style.

Living spaces with loft character have achieved cult status. Concrete has established itself in home interiors as a material with a lasting stylistic influence. Concrete-look finishes are an excellent design choice for kitchens with industrial quality. Last year nobilia made industrial chic attainable for everyone with the front Riva in Concrete grey reproduction. Now there is a sequel to this successful front, in white concrete reproduction. Its warm, subtle touch lends a more cosy appeal to the puristic material. In keeping with the latest trends, the entire kitchen can be designed in this loft chic style with Nobilia’s broad range of coordinating countertops, wall panels, and toe kicks.

One thing hasn’t changed over the years – the desire for natural finishes and comfort in one’s own home is as strong as ever. It is expressed in the growing demand for wood décors with a natural look and feel. Nobilia draws inspiration from this trend with the new Structura range in Sherwood oak reproduction. Thanks to unusually deep embossing, the Sherwood oak reproduction appears and feels unbelievably authentic. The light and tranquil finish with an attractive grain brings a sense of effortlessness to modern kitchen solutions.

The trend toward lacquer and lacquered laminate with a matte finish continues unabated. In this respect, these materials also dominate the new developments for the 2017 product range. The popular Touch range excels here with eleven new fronts in super-matte lacquered laminate. The three new colors – Savannah, Black and Aqua – broaden the scope for contemporary designs in sought-after solid colors.

Savannah by Nobilia presents a new color family with enormous potential. Its light sandy hue brings variety to the palette of pale shades. Black brings a touch of urban chic and modern style to the kitchen. Together with the new Ferro bronze décor from the Color Concept range, this trend topic can be used for a plethora of designs from bold to opulent.

Aqua is one of the most popular colors from the Color Concept collection, and has now debuted as a front color. With its pastel marine shade, it is modern and versatile in its combination possibilities.

In addition to the solid-colored fronts, eight trendy combination fronts round out the new collection. These are Savannah with Ontario oak, Black with Sherwood oak, Alpine white with Gladstone oak and Alpine white with Black. Use these combinations to create stunning accents with an emphasis on horizontal lines in the kitchen.

The Fashion range revitalizes the product segment of genuine lacquer fronts with a new matte finished family in price group 4. It is available in the two top-selling colors Alpine white and Satin grey, supplementing the assortment of handleless fronts from the LINE N range.

The popular Alpine white color family has been expanded as well. It is now also available as a carcase color in a gloss version and impresses with five additional fronts in lacquer and lacquered laminate. In addition to the new front Fashion, the popular lacquer front Focus now also comes in Alpine white ultra high gloss lacquer. Add to this the matte lacquer front Inline, with its integrated recessed grip creating a handleless look, and the framed doors Finesse and Sylt. The lacquered laminate front Finesse walks the border between modern and classic design, and is right at home on either side. Sleek like a flat-panel front yet finely contoured like a framed door, it opens up a wide playing field for totally individualized designs. With its classic frame width, the framed lacquer front Sylt appeals to both connoisseurs of classic style and admirers of cottage style.

Cottage style varieties are also expanding due to the seamless framed front Credo in lacquered laminate color Savannah. Thus, the new Nobilia collection allows you to create your custom design from all styles of the popular cottage look, from modern to traditional.

Handleless kitchens remain a hot topic in the industry. Here, Nobilia sets the standard with its LINE N range. The collection’s wealth of variety expands even further with the addition of twelve new fronts. All seven monochromatic Touch fronts as well as the new Structura in Sherwood oak reproduction, the new Focus in Alpine white ultra high gloss and the new Riva in White concrete reproduction are now also available for LINE N kitchens. Also introduced are two new Fashion front tones in matte lacquer. The handle profile is now also available in Black and Savannah for perfect tone-in-tone designs.

Surrounding design
The two new carcase colors –Alpine white and Savannah – allow for cohesive designs. Eight new worktops make it even easier to replicate all the current trends. Choose from authentic wood look décors, concrete effect finishes, the new Ferro bronze décor, and finishes in driftwood style or marble reproduction. There are also 22 new wall panel colors, 2 new upright systems and 14 new handles.

More often now than ever, the borders of interior spaces for cooking, eating and living are flowing into one another and becoming blurred. The new Boulevard wall unit with glass doors follows the trend toward mixed living spaces. It brings cosiness to the kitchen with its glass cabinet character, and is an ideal display area for art and collectibles. Another way to create special highlights for wall units is with the aluminum framed door – SQUARE – in stainless steel finish, now also available with grey glass.

Nobilia is also introducing new integrated LED lighting systems for shelves and niche claddings. Equipped with “Emotion technology,” they create a pleasant ambience in the kitchen. More operating convenience – especially for handleless kitchens – comes from the new electromechanical opening system EASYS for fridges and freezers.

In the area of electrical appliances, the trend toward downdraft extractor fans continues to advance. To accommodate this trend, we have integrated downdraft extractor fans from Airforce and Elica into our selection of appliances. Together with the new range of models for hot plate units with downdraft extractor fans, retailers benefit from yet another complete solution from a single source.

As Germany’s top selling kitchen company, we at Nobilia look forward to expanding our fine quality kitchens to more happy clients around in the world in 2017. With a huge assortment of new design possibilities and pricing flexibility, we aim to make German quality accessible for consumers everywhere.


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