LOTTARE and the Value of QUARTZ

Jan 16, 2015

For years LOTTARE has been known as the premier provider of high-quality kitchen, laundry and bathroom fixtures and accessories. But did you know LOTTARE is poised to offer high-end surface products as well? Beginning in Spring 2015, LOTTARE will be offering Quartz surface products to builders, designers and fabricators.

Unlike granite and marble, Quartz contains a small amount of resinous material (about 7%) which makes it more flexible and easier to install. This combination of crushed Quartz and resin results in a non-porous surface material that is stain-resistant and will never require sealants and, therefore, no maintenance!

Because LOTTARE Quartz surface products are colored and manufactured, not harvested directly from the Earth, the seams are less visible than with granite or marble. To hide the seams entirely, simply choose a solid color.

LOTTARE takes a strong stance against processes that have harmful impacts on the environment. Quartz mining, unlike granite and marble, does not utilize explosives. Found primarily in the U.S. and Brazil, quartz is sensitive to temperature change and, therefore, is mined using smaller, hand-held tools rather than huge explosives which can have detrimental impacts on the surrounding habitats. This sensitivity to temperature is also why quartz can discolor when exposed to direct UV sunlight; so keep that in mind when installing quartz surface products outdoors or in places that receive direct sunlight.

For more information, please visit www.lottare.com or visit our booth S6117 at KBIS 2015.

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