Jan 16, 2015

LOTTARE is proud to introduce porcelain undermount sinks as a new addition to its Builders and Business Series (B&B Series). LOTTARE porcelain sinks are most commonly used in bathrooms as vanity/hand-washing-stations. While there are many different kinds of vanity sinks that look very similar to LOTTARE’s, as with most things, the difference is in the details!

Our porcelain undermount sinks go through a series of processes designed to decrease density and porosity. LOTTARE uses porcelain, not ceramic, because porcelain is the hardest clay available and is of a higher quality. LOTTARE porcelain sinks are double kiln-fired at temperatures as high as 2552oF. We then apply a vitreous china glaze which serves as a protective armor prior when firing the porcelain for the third and final time.

The end result is a durable, sanitary, elegant, stain-resistant finish that can even withstand UV rays and extreme weather conditions. LOTTARE porcelain bathroom sinks come in two different sized oval bowls (17”x14”; 19”x16”) and a rectangular shape (20”x15”). LOTTARE offers these sinks in white or bisque.

For more information, please visit www.lottare.com or visit our booth S6117 at KBIS 2015.

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LOTTARE_Porcelain Sink

LOTTARE_Square Porcelain Sink