Keeney Introduces Insta-Plumb™, Revolutionary Push-Fit Under-Sink Plumbing System

Jan 9, 2018

Newington, CT – The Keeney Manufacturing Company, a leader in plumbing solutions for over 95 years, is excited to announce Insta-Plumb™, the newest development in quick and easy under-sink drainage installation and repair.

Insta-Plumb™ by Keeney features a push-fit application design for quick, simple, and reliable installations without the hassles of traditional plumbing. A secure, watertight connection is created instantly without the use of glues, primers, solvents, nuts, or washers. The secured connection created when using Insta-Plumb™ saves installers and DIY’ers time and money by eliminating the use of cements or primers to cure, which require additional wait times before checking the system and eliminating call backs. With Insta-Plumb™ installers can instantly test their installations and be ready to use for your application in minutes.

“We are excited about the capabilities of this new product line,” states Stuart Holden, President of The Keeney Manufacturing Company. “The innovative features offered by Insta-Plumb™ will revolutionize installing and repairing under-sink drainage.”

The Insta-Plumb™ product line offers a wide range of under sink couplings and fittings, offering an easy fix for installation or repairs typical in bathrooms, kitchens, mobile homes, campers/RV’s or anywhere under-sink drainage is needed.

Installation is quick and easy requiring no tools and Insta-Plumb™ is reusable and easy to adjust once installed. Simply place the release tool on the pipe and apply pressure to the coupling to release the connection, the fitting can now be adjusted or removed and reused as needed.

For more information about please visit us at https://www.keeneymfg.com.

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About The Keeney Manufacturing Company

For over 95 years The Keeney Manufacturing Company has been manufacturing tubular brass products in Connecticut. Founded in New Britain, CT in 1923 the Keeney family of products has grown from coin air valves, to brass and plastic under sink repair parts, to quarter turn valves, bath drains, toilet repair parts and many more. Continually praised as an industry leader in both the wholesale and retail markets, Keeney and Plumb Pak thrive on exceptionally high order fulfillment rates, breadth of available products and customer friendly merchandising.


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