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Nov 23, 2015

Its new stylish, energy-efficient infrared space heaters are available in various sizes and numerous designs or personal photos to match any room’s décor.

It’s hot, and it’s art! Hot Art™ by BRZ Brands has blended high style and functionality with the introduction of its infrared heating panel, a disguised energy-efficient space heater crafted with an image to fit into any room’s décor, as either a black-and-white photo or an abstract painting. Through the combination of technological innovation and consumers’ love of art, Hot Art has transformed space heating with its practical—and beautiful—heating system.

“After years of research, we understood that homeowners desired a space heater that wouldn’t be an eyesore. Thus we designed this cool new piece of art that radiates a soothing, natural heat,” says Brian Szott, president of BRZ Brands.

Hot Art has more than 200 designs available—from abstract paintings to classic black-and-white photos. Furthermore, homeowners can customize their Hot Art product by using their own high-resolution image, whether a print or digital photo. Former Art & Antiques Editor-in-Chief Barbara S. Tapp applauds the transformation of traditional appliances and equipment into art. “Similar to disguising flatscreen TVs with art, this Hot Art heating device is a welcome—and functional—addition to complement and personalize any home, especially for art collectors.”

Compared to today’s space heaters, Hot Art’s infrared heaters save 60 percent in energy costs. The infrared rays produced by Hot Art radiate outward, heating nearby objects and people to produce a widespread effect. It has a rated life expectancy of more than 25 years. “Far infrared heating will eventually be the dominant choice in home heating solutions,” says Szott.

Highly functional, the heating panel can be controlled by switch, thermostats and by most home automation systems. Each Hot Art piece is mobile and can be moved easily to different areas of the home whether inside or outside. As an added bonus Hot Art does not stir-up dust, which benefits those that suffer from allergies.

For more information about Hot Art’s heating panels, stop by the company’s booth at the 2016 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (#S5190), or visit

About Hot Art by BRZ Brands:

BRZ Brands is a product design and development firm focused on the home and life markets. BRZ Brands contracts with the best manufacturers to produce lifestyle products. They also work with inventors and other creative types to bring their products to market. BRZ Brands is especially interested in green alternative products, and believe Far Infrared heating will eventually be the dominant choice in home heating solutions.

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Shannon Benton

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