Federal Brace Introduces the Jefferson Cabinet Bracket

Sep 7, 2016

The Jefferson Cabinet Bracket, the inaugural product in a new line of cabinet supports, is to be released today by Federal Brace, a premier designer of high-quality supports for both commercial and industrial locations. The Jefferson, available in a strong, galvanized steel, is stoutly built to support hanging cabinetry – whether installed as uppers in a kitchen or for a floating cabinetry look in baths or a workshop area. Each has a carry capacity of 500 pounds to ensure strength and safety in any home, office, or other commercial location, and a material thickness of 11 gauge steel – a much higher-quality than consumers can currently find at any box store or online retailer. The Jefferson currently comes in one size – 12x12x2 – a sure fit for any cabinetry project.

The Jefferson Cabinet Bracket takes its name from Thomas Jefferson, father of the Declaration of Independence, former President of the United States, and renowned architect, engineer, agriculturalist, and inventor. One of Thomas Jefferson’s primary concerns was improving upon others’ inventions and furthering the advances that were already present in his time – and so the Jefferson is not only an innovation upon cabinetry brackets, but an answer to a need within the cabinetry industry. Two styles of the Jefferson – one for the right side and the complementary left – ensure that your cabinetry stays in place with the Jefferson doing all the work inside, remaining hidden and secure.

For more information on the Jefferson Cabinet Bracket visit Federal Brace online at www.federalbrace.com or contact their experienced team at 1(877)353-8899. They can also be reached at any time at customerservice@federalbrace.com.

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