Engineering the Perfect Shower

Jan 9, 2017

LENOVA unveils new Thermostatic Shower Panel

Your shower experience may never be the same. Introducing the new Thermostatic Shower Panel from LENOVA. This sleekly sculpted marvel of plumbing technology is an all-inclusive shower system that offers today’s most popular bells and whistles, such as a rain shower top, multiple body sprayers and a hand-held shower. The end result captures everything you could want in a home shower environment – luxurious yet practical, invigorating yet relaxing – and it delivers an amazing spa-inspired experience that is doubly impressive considering its surprisingly affordable price tag.

Perhaps even more notable is the exceptional quality and engineering that sets this LENOVA product apart from its competition. The single handle design offers high pressure resistance and dual control over both water flow and temperature. The system provides remarkable stability over water temperature, maintaining temperatures within one degree even when the rain shower and body sprayers are used simultaneously. Other national brands report a three to five degree temperature variance when water pressure or flow rates change. As an added safety measure, LENOVA offers their Cool-Touch handle which stays cool even when the water is hot.

Available in a beautiful yet durable stainless steel finish, the Thermostatic Shower Panel is the perfect addition to any upscale bathroom with its contemporary good looks and minimalist design. Adjustable sprayers and settings allow you to create a truly customized shower experience in the comfort and privacy of your own home. The Thermostatic Shower Panel measures 50″x 8” with a 19″ shower head depth, retails from $850 and is available in fine plumbing showrooms nationwide.


Drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature, Lenova offers a vast array of kitchen and bath sinks; and kitchen faucets in every shape and hue imaginable. Known for its signature “Eight Elements of Sinks,” the Lenova sinks collection features a stunning line of sinks crafted from eight varied resources: Stainless Steel, Porcelain, Bamboo, Bronze, Copper, Stone, Glass and Composite. The Lenova kitchen faucet line includes a wide variety of styles to fit the look and the satin polish on the stainless surfaces insures a lifetime of good looks with minimum care. Each sink and faucet are created by master craftsmen and backed by Lenova’s “No Worries” customer service philosophy. Lenova is committed to protecting the natural world that inspires its designs through eco-friendly business practices and is proud to offers its customers the finest in affordable luxury sinks.

For more information about the Lenova product line, call 877-733-1098 or visit www.LenovaSinks.com.


Linda Jennings, Jennings & Company


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