Eldorado Stone introduces Marquee Limestone, its largest stone veneer profile

Jan 6, 2016

Eldorado Stone, manufacturer of the world’s most believable architectural stone veneer, has debuted its all-new Sanderling Marquee Limestone veneer. The Southern California-based company crafts the new profile in substantial rectangles of 12 inches by 24 inches, making this the largest profile in the company’s portfolio.

“With a monochromatic, clean design aesthetic, our new Sanderling Marquee Limestone offers a modern interpretation of classic architectural elements,” says Ramsay Hawfield, director of marketing for Eldorado Stone. “This new profile captures the luxurious warmth and texture that high-end stone veneer can add to both indoor and outdoor design.”

Mirroring the rich texture of natural-cut limestone, Marquee Limestone lends a sense of natural and historical significance to its surroundings.  Its authentic appearance, made possible by proprietary molding techniques, high quality materials, and artists hand painting each individual stone, reflects design elements that have characterized luxury architecture for millennia.

Limestone has played an important role in commercial and private architectural design for ages, and this new veneer achieves the same balance of sophistication elegance and style. Available for both indoor and outdoor design, Marquee Limestone is a timeless new addition to the extensive Eldorado Stone brick and stone veneer portfolio.

About Eldorado Stone

Eldorado Stone, LLC is headquartered in San Marcos, Calif. It is a subsidiary of Headwaters Incorporated (NYSE: HW), a world leader in creating value through innovative advancements in the utilization of natural resources. Eldorado Stone currently operates manufacturing facilities in several states with regional distribution centers across the U.S. For more information and to view a gallery of beautiful installations, visit www.eldoradostone.com or call 1-800-925-1491 for a free catalog.

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Eldorado Stone_Sanderling Marquee Limestone Interior
Eldorado Stone_ Sanderling Marquee Limestone