Compost Waste Containers

Jan 9, 2017

For Immediate Release

Rev-A-Shelf now offers a line of containers that feature a self-contained compost bin that will save you money and keep odors out of your kitchen.

These practical solutions let you discard food scraps and easily transfer them to a larger compost bin for future use in flower beds, gardens and lawns.

With three different frame choices for drawer/door and under the sink applications you are sure to find the perfect composting solution for your home.

The compost bin features Biodegradable liners, a no-mess trash carriage that opens when the lid is raised and seals when the lid is closed, a carbon filter that eliminates odors and air vents to help speed the compost process.

Pullout Compost Container
RV-1216CP-1 – 12” (305 mm) W x 16” (406 mm) D x 18-3/4” (476 mm) H$258.10

Door Mount Compost Containers
5349-CP-1 – 10-13/16” (275 mm) W x 18” (457 mm) D x 18-1/5” (470 mm) H $435.00
5349-18CP-217 – 14-13/16” (376 mm) W x 22-3/16” (562 mm) D x 19-1/16” (484 mm) H $507.50

Wood Soft-Close Compost Containers
4WCSC-CP-1 – 12” (305 mm) W x 18-11/16” (474 mm) D x 18-1/2” (470 mm) H $404.55
4WCSC-1835CP-2 – 15” (381 mm) W x 21-11/16” (550 mm) D x 20-3/8” (516 mm) H $461.10


About Rev-A-Shelf LLC.
Established in 1978 as a division of Jones Plastic & Engineering, our product line began as metal and polymer Lazy Susan components manufactured for the largest U.S. cabinet manufacturers, and they have grown into the market leading innovator of quality functional residential cabinet storage, LED Cabinet Lighting and organizational products.

Rev-A-Shelf manufactures thousands of innovative accessories for your, kitchen, bath or closet. With the acquisition of Tresco Lighting, Rev-A-Shelf now offers a full line of L.E.D. lighting options for residential & commercial cabinetry and store display fixtures. Rev-A-Shelf’s primary markets are Cabinet Hardware Distributors, large OEM cabinet manufacturers, Lowes and Menards home centers, and a number of online web resellers.


Shari McPeek


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